At NPMAC our 14 point Code for Ethical action is designed to allow exploration and development towards becoming a Tatsujin-A filly Actualized Individual

Positive thinking makes up a big part of this.

Some notable anonymous statements of positive thinking

Don’t dwell on what happens to you in life, use what happens to empower yourself.
To go somewhere, you need a destination and a plan to get there.  That’s the easy part.  Now, never, never, never ever give up.
The word impossible, is as negative as possible is positive.
When you help other people with their problems, your own problems will be easier to cope with.
Trusting ones self will lead to success.
Obstacles are the world’s way of saying “Stay focused”
Give out positive energy and it will come back exponentially.
Commit to life with a positive attitude and life will give back all it has to you.
The problem is not the problem.  How you deal with the problem is the real problem. 

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