Martial Arts Legends and Planes

I was coming home from an amazing weekend of training with Stephen and Rumiko Hayes hosted by Mark and Helen Russo and the Tampa Quest Center. To be honest, I was (and still am) processing the experiences from the weekend. I was even feeling a bit frustrated because there was a pivotal moment in the […]

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Mind-Spirit Sciences

16 Days To (Forwarding an important e-mail to our friends and fans…..enjoy!…….) Today we take a look at Mikkyo Mind and Spirit Science Part Two from Enjoying these Informational Emails? Share them with your friends. If you missed any of these emails and would like to see the previous Ninja information just CLICK […]

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Inner Strength

This month we explored the concept of strength. From looking at the concept of “nin” as in ninja, to being strong enough to stand by what you believe; to help your community (family, team members) and to touch on perseverance and how that may look in your life. Strength of character is what we are […]

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Soul Spotlight

I think of our training as a soul spotlight. Your depth of character comes out under pressure in training; thinking of others….staying in the moment and appreciating the mentoring of those that have gone before you…..trusting the path and dare I say taking care of the sacred place and space that is the training hall. […]

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Flat Ninja makes it to Oklahoma….. Flat Ninja loves checking out pieces of our Americana. And diners certainly are a piece of Americana. Flat Ninja approved of the burgers with onions here- and is looking forward to the next stop on the long journey to Tennessee. To-Shin!


Flat Ninja Visits Cadillac Ranch

Flat Ninja is making his way across the country- stopping at tourist attractions along the way. He recently visited the famed “Cadillac Ranch”. How many of you have seen in person Cadillac Ranch? Check in with us as Flat Ninja journeys on…… To-Shin

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Outside Your Comfort Zone

Thank you for joining us in following the journey of Flat Ninja! Flat Ninja (and his travel companion Angie) are stepping outside their comfort zone and driving across the country to undertake a new job, and a new home, in a new city. Our To-Shin Do logo encapsulates this spirit; you will notice that the […]

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Dedication- a travel log with Flat Ninja. One of our NPMAC coaches, Angie, has taken a job in Tennessee. She was (and is) an integral part of our dojo family. Angie’s dedication to NPMAC and the art of To-Shin Do is shining through; she has already committed to continue to train via Skype and in […]

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Endure…A blog post by Matt Zeyn

As with almost all “words” in the Japanese kanji language, Shinobi has several possible translations. The one I am primarily interested in is this: one who endures. Even this seemingly simple translation itself also gives rise to several possible ideas. Webster’s dictionary offers the following definitions of the English word endure. : to continue to […]

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The Secret to Raising a Kind Daughter

Read this article on the secret to raising a kind daughter. I think it applies to us all.

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