• Understand the process of understanding

    This month we will explore the idea of how to gain knowledge, or “learn to teach/ teach to learn”.

    As warriors, we are on a quest for knowledge. With time we add experience. Knowledge plus experience give us wisdom. Every time we take a class at NPMAC, you discover new knowledge and  have a postivie experience. Dedication to this process leads you to discover personal wisdom.

    This month’s task is to practice “praise-correct-praise” or “P-C-P”- a system of teaching we use at NPMAC. Explore praising a co-worker or fellow student for their strengths, and gently guide them to finding areas needing improvement. Then remember to praise yet again. We are confident you will find that others will enjoy learning from you, and you will be journeying towards enjoying wisdom.

    How has the P-C-P method worked for you this month? We look forward to hearing about your knowledge and experience!