• This week we study “up-hill and down-hill views” Is your cup half empty or half full? Sometimes we have so much in our life we can become complacent. This week think of all the things you have that others would be grateful to have. Let us here from you! To-Shin!

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    An attitude of gratitude

    August 12, 2018

    As we wrap up this month’s concept of “Attitude”, look back on the rich topics we discussed with our training partners; we held an attitude of gratitude; we explored giving thanks for what we have and we acknowledged we are in command of our life and experiences. This is a powerful month, and [...]

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    August theme is Attitude

    August 1, 2018

                           The attitude with gratitude  Have you ever noticed abundance creates abundance? This month we start with sincere gratitude. Who has helped you achieve your position in life? Who has helped guide you on your path? Who allows you the opportunity to come [...]

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