•                           Benefiting yourself through helping others

    Perseverance is having a strong will. Do you as a warrior have what it takes to endure a physical challenge? Can you overcome intellectual conflicts without breaking your spirit? This idea of perseverance is represented by our “nin” kanji in the To-Shin Do crest.
    What is one way to practice the art of perseverance? How about starting close to home—or in the home. Apply code of action 14 to your day and see what you can produce:

    I work to build love, happiness and loyalty among all members of my family.Once you have identified the need and desire for perseverance, and have a support system in place, we then look at the integrity and indomitable spirit of your life.

    I avoid putting temporary personal gain ahead of the welfare of those I love”

    Can you continue to pursue that which is of the highest good for you and your family? Integrity will be an important piece of the puzzle; do what you say, say what you do.

    Your task this month is to share how you have applied the perseverance with integrity lesson this month by providing feedback on the following:

    “In my life, one person demonstrated the strength of integrity by……”