• Mastering Your Mind

    In April we explored stepping into wisdom by learning to teach others using gentle guidance and respect. This month, we enjoy discovering a path that will help us experience the clarity of wisdom. Your subconscious mind is a hard drive of memories and ideas about who you are. With what kind of input are you programming your hard drive? Do you reinforce positive affirmations, or do you dwell on fears and worries? As a warrior protector, make a pledge to be a powerful, responsible, positive person. Be in charge programming your hard drive, and the results will be a bountiful output.

    Mastering your subconscious mind takes practice. With the many distractions in today’s society, it behooves all to carve out time to simply practice paying attention. Slow down, pay attention to your breath; pay attention to your posture; pay attention to your thoughts.

    Your task this month is to develop the self-determination to not only make a pledge to experience the positive, but actively program your subconscious with proper thought and proper intention. Give thought and feedback on the following concept:

    “If I could receive any award in the world, I would want as my prize ________”.

    Go ahead- state your intention. Match it with vision. Share what happens!