• I am so glad I came across this TedX talk about “grit”…about what it is, and why it is important.

    It seems previous generations had no choice but to learn to get a bit “gritty”; to toughen up, put their nose to the grindstone and make things happen. But now, though our kids have more pressures to deal with at an earlier age (well maybe not more pressures- but exposure to said pressures to be sure), our kids also have many things much easier than we did (and most certainly easier than our grandparents). Our kids don’t have to stand up to change the channel. Our kids get rides anywhere they want to go where we had to ride our bikes if we wanted to get there. Our kids get more days off of school (well-maybe not but it certainly feels that way). Our kids get awards for participating- not just winning.

    So with all these changes in society, trickling down to our parenting styles, why is grit important for kids? Grit is important because, as you will see in this short TedX talk, grit is the determining factor in success. Not book smarts, or financial superiority. Grit. Now how to teach grit- this is another thing.

    Upon further investigation, grit is learned by setting goals and sticking with something hard until the goals are achieved…then setting a new benchmark goal. Grit is learned by developing authentic confidence and stepping outside your comfort zone to take on new challenges- even if those challenges are uncomfortable. Grit is learned by having experiences where you learn you are capable of so much more than you thought possible.

    I was grinning ear to ear as I watched and researched further about grit and how to teach our kids to be more gritty. Aren’t these the vary same qualities that we have been teaching our students since 1989? Isn’t grit the quality that a warrior depends on to stand strong for himself and others? Now about those challenges that our kids face today; we need to provide experiences that can instill grit into our kids. We need our kids to be able to believe in their authentic selves and stand strong against whatever the world thinks it can throw at them. We need our kids to hang tough when they go from the comfort of their suburban life to college or a hard job. We need our kids to understand grit so they can teach it to the next generation.

    I know my opinion-but I would love to hear yours. First, watch the TedX talk: TedX Grit Talk. Next, check out our ninja program NPMAC Programs. Click those programs and read on. Lastly, shoot us and e-mail (dojo@npmac.com) or Facebook message (@NewburyParkMartialArtsCenter). What do you think? Is grit important? Does it sound like students at NPMAC are getting “gritty”? Do you want to join us?

    Feeling gritty,
    Kriss Gakutoshi Hurdle