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    Adults and parents of youth come to Newbury Park Martial Arts Center for a variety of reasons; to get in a little better shape….to have a sense of control if they needed to defend themselves….to feel more comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone. But these are surface motivations. Deeper down, all people want to be more in control of their lives, they want to live with purpose, they want to be valued and experience personal fulfillment. Our To-Shin Do training does this very thing. Much more than just self-protection, it is life skills leadership training for a fully actualized life in which you find your potential and share it with the world. You feel more confident, more aware, more able to make the right choices and you stand for what is right and bright in the world.


    But how do we do this?

    Using ancient proven technology, our 8 Step Accomplishment Plan has been confirmed time and time again as producing positive results in our students lives.

    Develop a powerful life from the inside out!

    • Ideal Attitude
    • Ideal Thought
    • Ideal Speech
    • Ideal Action
    • Ideal Livelihood
    • Ideal Effort
    • Ideal Awareness
    • Ideal Centeredness


    In every class, your teachers will guide you to discover the best of you. You then take these lessons and watch them work seamlessly at school, at work and in your relationships. At Newbury Park Martial Arts Center, we work to make the world a better and brighter place!