• Goals are born of vision

    Goals Born of Vision

    June finds us defining our own personal vision and Can you state with clarity what you want to do, be, or have? Are you positive in your vision?
    Remember, the universe will give us what we intently ask for- so ask wisely!

    If you spend most every weekend, for example, telling your friends “I am always so tired on Mondays”, how do you think each and every Monday will be experienced?

    Catch yourself immediately in negative thought, and replace negativity with a positive thought. Mastering your subconscious mind takes practice.

    With the many distractions in today’s society, it behooves all to carve out time to simply practice paying attention. Slow down, pay attention to your breath; pay attention to your posture; pay attention to your thoughts.

    One way to reinforce the positive thought process is to play a game- a visualization game.

    Pretend you had (fill in your one positive quality or thing here)-how would you feel if you had that quality or thing right now? How would you speak? How would people treat you?

    Now, how can you take active steps to sustain this habit of positive vision? Believe you can make your goal a reality. Be clear as to what your dreams are (things you wish would happen) and what your goals are (things you focus on accomplishing).

    Your task this month is to share how June’s theme has brightened your month. How have you programmed your life with positive vision? What is different because of this? What dreams have you started to turn into goals?

    We look forward to hearing about your goal vision growth!