A Force
to be
Reckoned with

•  Ancient Battlefield Techniques adapted for Modern Day Threats  •


…unfortunately, 97% of females in America are unable to protect themselves from a violent attack.

Every day, over 3000 women are physically assaulted in the United States.

As a woman, you know what it is like to feel scared. The lonely walk through the parking garage at night… Shadows moving in the dark alley… Uncomfortable one-on-one situations with men looking to take advantage of you with uncertain motivations.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Most women have likely been in scary situations, and that’s why a modern-day self-defense system is so important.

You deserve to feel safe, confident, and powerful in any circumstance.

At the Newbury Park Martial Arts Center, we have helped hundreds of smart, capable women like you master their fears and become a force to be reckoned with.

We are the only West Coast school of Rumiko Urata Hayes, the highest-ranking Female Ninja Warrior in the world, and her husband, the legendary “First American Ninja” Stephen K. Hayes.

Our renowned protector program utilizes the 1000-year-old “size and physiology-adapted” techniques of the female ninja operative in order to triumph over brute force, even in overwhelming odds, without using strength or speed.

We have three 5th-Degree Master Instructors on staff, with an instructor core of over 150 years of combined experience.

The best way to see what the dojo is all about is to check out a class for yourself.

Learn to defend against today’s 12 most common attacks today, in your very first class (even if you’ve never done martial arts before).

We want to make sure our program is the perfect fit for you – that’s why we offer each new student a totally risk-free first month.

Give us a shot, and if you decide for any reason that we aren’t a great match, we’ll refund your first month’s payment.

We use unorthodox timing, ninja movement, and a assortment of “ancient secrets” to help you defend yourself and your loved ones.

Become the empowered warrior you were destined to be.

Dorothy Sullivan - Mountain Bike Trainer
"I love the dojo community's “everyone’s equal” attitude and that this is the ultimate martial art for women. Only after the experiencing the effectiveness of the techniques on my training partners, I understood. I'm blown away."
Isabel Snyder - Mother / Fashion Photographer
"This hands-on mindful training gives me greater confidence and a training toolbox of effective means to survive if a situation goes wrong."
Lisa Tate-Soury - Citrus & Avocado Grower / Mother
"I always wanted to learn a martial art. How fortunate I was to find such a unique fighting style that makes me feel stronger and more powerful each day."
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