Practical Self Defense
for law enforcement

V.C.S.O. Accredited School for Text Book and Tuition Reimbursement

Reality Based Training
Effective and Practical Self Defense.
Compliance and Control
Weapons Retention and Recovery

To-Shin Do Ninja training is the perfect compliment to your department provided ARCON training.   Real life, reality based scenarios, ensure that the training stays relevant and real.  Control and de-escalation skills are taught that have real world applications.  Unlike MMA and submission martial arts, To-Shin do trains our students to use superior position and alignment to quickly resolve a physical confrontation, keeping themselves safe while being effective against bigger more powerful attackers.

Advanced training on firearm retention and recovery is available along with knife defense and traditional ninja weapons.  L.E.O, Federal agents, military and others in public and private protection arenas are able to apply this training everyday,  increasing their own safety and for those they protect.

The Newbury Park Martial Arts Center has given me the opportunity to develop more advanced and efficient defensive tactics needed for my job as a law enforcement officer. In my younger years, I was able to overpower aggressors with wrestling maneuvers. I have always had the mindset to handle violent situations but what I was lacking was the “To” in To-Shin-Do. This is the “blade edge” or precise techniques that gives me the advantage in what we do. The Newbury Park Martial Arts Center is giving me exactly that and I am so grateful for their expert instruction. The training they offer falls in line with my agency’s use of force policy. Of all the martial arts training I have acquired over the past 33 years, this is by far the most professional and polished facility.

I am fortunate that my daughter and I can achieve our best and I highly recommend this facility for any law enforcement officer.

 Darren Smith, VCSO

Senior Deputy

2 Week Trial only $49.95

Regular MemBERSHIP
12 month program
“Foundations of Self Protection”
2 classes per week                     $135 per month (reg $150)

Annual Membership with promotion fees $1,850

Quarterly accounting provided upon request for department reimbursement 

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