•  Ancient Battlefield Techniques adapted for Modern Day Threats  •


…and 90% of adult males are unable to protect their loved ones from a violent attack.

Can you imagine not being able to defend your family?

The thought of failing to protect those whom you love is horrifying to us and truly unacceptable.

We know how you feel. We’ve been in scary situations too. We are here to help.

Newbury Park Martial Arts Center, is the only West Coast school of the legendary “First American Ninja” Stephen K. Hayes and his renowned protector program that works against all sizes and levels of skill.

Our specialty is a Real World, scientific, and battlefield-proven way of becoming a Ninja Warrior Protector that was generationally handed down through 1000 years of overwhelming odds in the harshest of conditions.

We have three 5th-Degree Master Instructors on staff with an instructor core of over 150 years of combined experience.

The best way to see what the dojo is all about is to check out a class for yourself.

Learn to defend against today’s 12 most common attacks today, in your very first class (even if you’ve never done martial arts before).

We want to make sure our program is the perfect fit for you – that’s why we offer each new student a totally risk-free first month.

Give us a shot, and if you decide for any reason that we aren’t a great match, we’ll refund your first month’s payment.

We use unorthodox timing, ninja movement, and an assortment of “ancient secrets” to help you defend yourself and your loved ones.

Become the empowered warrior you were destined to be.

David Glover - Triathlete Champion & Author
"This practical martial art has given me a unique set of skills that no one else offers. Real world techniques and principles that I take off the mat and use everyday!"
Ken Smith - Medical Field Service Engineer
"Beyond its real world application, the depth and effectiveness of To-Shin Do seems limitless. Every class I become more and more powerful, focused, skilled and I know there is a lifetime of knowledge ahead of me."
Stephen Galvan - Ventura County Sheriff / USMC
"As a law enforcement officer and Marine, I have the mindset to handle dangerous situations and aggressive people. However, this facility has taught me techniques, which surpass any training I have gone through in the past. I have tested these techniques in the field and have been amazed to find how little effort goes into them with maximum effect."
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