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Ninja Strong

•  Ancient Battlefield Techniques adapted for Modern Day Threats  •


The world is faster. It’s digital. Peer pressure in school has gone to a whole new level online and in social media. These years can be confusing and overwhelming, even dangerous for teens in this transitional period of life. Teens long for independence, but still desperately need to develop focus, confidence, and learn to defend themselves before adulthood — both physically and emotionally. We are here to help.
At Newbury Park Martial Arts Center, we’ve helped hundreds of vibrant, smart, capable teens just like yours shed their insecurities, gain discipline and self-confidence, and learn to deal with threats of bullies of all shapes and sizes. We are the only West Coast school of the legendary “First American Ninja” Stephen K. Hayes and his renowned protector program that works against all sizes and levels of skill. Our specialty is a Real-World, scientific, life proven way of becoming Ninja Strong, which was generationally handed down from parent to child through 1000 years of overwhelming odds in the harshest of conditions. Interlaced in a fun, safe environment are realistic person-to-person kata (conflict scenarios) for the development of coordination, balance, teamwork, and critical decision making, creating life skills that they can take with them their entire lives. We have three 5th-Degree Master Instructors on staff, with an instructor core of over 150 years of combined experience. Hundreds of families trust NPMAC to provide an atmosphere of structure, fun, and support for both kids and parents.
The best way to see what the dojo is all about is to check out a class for yourself. Come see our state-of-the-art facility, meet your child’s coaches, and tell us about your family. There’s no one-size fits all path, but once we know a little more about your family’s needs, we’ll create a plan that allows your child to build the strong future they deserve.
We want to make sure our program is the perfect fit for your family – that’s why we offer each new student a totally risk-free first month.
Give us a shot, and if you decide for any reason that we aren’t a great match, we’ll refund your first month’s payment. We understand that families are pulled in many directions, and we want to add to the quality of your family’s life, not the stress of it.
Our programs have been refined over decades of work with families to give teens short-term, medium, and long-term goals that keep them excited and motivated to continue training and keep their training fun. We start by building a foundation of discipline and respect with our Ninja Code of Conduct, then we get teens thinking, acting, and ultimately leading like Black Belts.
"Even from the very first lesson, I learned something that I could use to protect myself. I feel this way after every class. Training with my dad is really cool as well."
"The dojo is like a second family. It encourages me to grow and prosper while still being myself. And at the end of the day, I believe I can really take care of myself, if I had to."
"My ninja training gave me the confidence to lead my science class group project. Where the other kids were over stressed, I was like this is nothing. I’ve survived Black Belts attacking me with [training] knives."
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