• Black Belt Excellence at home, at school and at the dojo
    March finds us bringing strategic thinking to the table in order to complete our goals.

    Identifying a challenge may be a step in taking action, but this is only half of the equation. Actively seeking a solution is the other half. When a student joins Black Belt Club, that student makes a promise to gain the level of “sho-dan” (translated from Japanese as “initial step”). This exercise in identifying a goal and taking specific steps towards that goal will help set a positive pattern in your life of Black Belt excellence and finding solutions.

    How can you make the process of seeking solutions efficient? Simply look to your teachers. Teachers in your life help bring out the best in you. Recognize the many teachers you may currently have- at the dojo, in your home, at clubs or organizations and at work

    This month’s task is to ask yourself the following:
    “With unlimited resources, I’d ask ______ how to achieve _______.”

    Who comes to mind that can bring out the best in you? We look forward to hearing about your experiences!