• Be an empowering role model

    Our To-Shin Do training builds on a platform of self confidence and respect for others. This month we focus on the idea of community, and a positive network of friends.

    We naturally generate more connections with inner confidence. Have you ever seen someone that so lacked confidence, they tried to cover up by being a bully? You may notice this type of insecurity in someone at work, a neighbor or an acquaintance. As warrior protectors, we are not that person. We show respect every time we salute at the dojo; we show respect every time we bow in with a partner; we show respect every time we role model for lower ranks at the dojo. This powerful confident attitude helps to build us a community that supports making this world a better place.

    Your task this month is to share a moment in which you saw this month’s theme in action. What things have happened outside the dojo that has given you a lesson in the meaning of community?

    We look forward to hearing  from our dojo community!