• This month we worked on paying attention (Focus) as our theme. I personally find that as a Mom, this end of school-year time is so very busy. I often feel a bit out of balance as I work to volunteer at schools, work in the business, train and make a stab at keeping up the home. This is the perfect time to really notice what I am focusing on.

    Getting pulled into conversations about how busy we are, how there is barely enough time,how tired….not only have I participated, I have often initiated said conversations.

    Focus doesn’t mean we are living with rose-colored glasses. Focus does not mean we tramp down the end-of-year hustle that Moms participate in. Focus simply means I take a moment and take stock of what I can do now, laugh a bit, breathe a lot, and say thank you for allowing me all these opportunities. Focus means I am not afraid to ask for help. Focus means I do what I can for that day, take responsibility for what needs to be done tomorrow, and not add unnecessary worry to the mix.

    To-Shin Do style Ninja focus means I direct my intention to get done what must be done in a timely and effective way, and pay attention to the awesomeness around me.

    Today I focus on the biggest and brightest reasons we train.

    Stay focused,
    Kriss Gakutoshi Hurdle