• The word is in! Training at Newbury Park Martial Arts Center (NPMAC) is helping kids at school! The kids that participate in our program have authentic confidence, have a sense of right and wrong and are willing to stand up for others and know how to set and achieve goals.
    Listen to what parents are saying about our program….maybe you want to come on down and check it out!!

    NPMAC Ninja has been a safe haven for both of our children where skills and elements of cooperation, teamwork, self-control, mindfulness, individual strengths, positive self esteem, problem solving, fun and joy of learning are interwoven under one martial arts educational model. Jonny(9) and Jonushik(7) both enjoy their teachers’ teachings and encouraging words of wisdom connecting at the heart+mind+body level.

    With gratitude,
    -Jon and Jasmine Moberly

    My children have so much fun going to ninja class, and I love it because they are learning disciple, focus, and how to follow directions. I am grateful for the support in encouraging my children to work hard in school and at home. I feel like the instructors are dedicated to helping my kids become responsible, self-confident, and respectful people. I am so fortunate I found such a great environment.

    -Lisa Soury

    Nothing can compare to Newbury Park Martial Arts Center.
    Life skills are taught like awareness , consideration and conflict resolution.
    My daughter will never allowing anyone to take her power and remains confident in her fierce individuality.
    I trust the staff , the space is immaculate and the teachings are ancient yet practical.
    The enthusiasm and zest for learning transfers to all areas of school. Magical to watch her radiate confidence and grace. I wish I had half of hers.

    Warm recommendations

    My son James started taking classes at NPMAC in January when he was 4 1/2 years old. He turned 5 in May and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. He will be one of the youngest children in his class, but I’m convinced that his ninja training has given him confidence, focus, and self-control he needs to be successful in this transition to a new phase of life. I love how the teachers at the dojo instill meaningful concepts and attitudes through games and play. I feel he is safer, stronger, and able to focus and follow directions better than before he started, not to mention he thinks it’s so fun!! Also, it truly takes discipline for a child his age to attend classes twice a week for months on end! There have been times he’s been tired and didn’t feel like going to class, but his goal of achieving his next belt rank keeps him motivated. It’s fun to see him learn, grow, and set goals for himself at such a young age. This Friday he will participate in his second belt test! We’re so thankful we found a place like NPMAC!
    -Laura and Chris Paterson

    My kids have been coming here on & off for a few years – now my 11 year old is working on her 3rd belt! Very clean, professional. LOVE how the teaching focus is on being the Protector – highly recommend this place!
    -Jennifer Robinson

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