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Supported At Home and School
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There are so many ways that my kids are using their To-Shin Do Ninja martial art in a positive manner. I love that as part of each belt pre-test, a form is filled out by their school teacher and the parents. This helps reinforce that the village is here to support my children's success and help keep them accountable. I am honored that I found a school that has been using these teaching tools for decades in our community- what a gem Newbury Park Martial Arts Center is!!

Cristina, Mom of two, Newbury Park
To-Shin Do Supports School & Home!

Desiree C.
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Newbury Park Martial Arts Center is a dream come true for our family! In addition to a very special martial art, NPMAC teaches self defense, discipline, confidence building, setting and achieving goals, cultivating respect and kindness, inclusivity and more.

NPMAC has created a wonderful community by providing a fun and supportive learning environment for all ages. I am very impressed with the Dojo space. It is well designed and beautifully appointed.

I highly recommend checking out this Dojo. You will be delighted that you did.

Desiree C., Newbury Park

David Dunlap
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NPMAC is one of the very best organizations I have ever been associated with. I don't mean the best dojo, or the best school--simply the best group of people assembling for a common purpose. If you are considering taking classes to learn self-defense, to be more physically fit, or to grow as a person, I very strongly recommend a visit to NPMAC. You'll meet respectful, ethical, friendly and fun people who have your best interests at heart.

Nick Rusch
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Newbury Park Martial Arts Center (NPMAC) is unlike many martial arts studios in that the curriculum taught is practical, down-to-earth, and easily learned - no flying kicks, or other theatrics, just practical movements to protect you, your friends and family. They make an effort to adapt the teachings to those who may not be as limber as a twenty something. I've seen much older adults participating in classes with the instructors modifying the various katas to take into account their physical limitations while keeping the kata as a viable defense. This is not to say that what is taught is simplistic by any means. What is taught at NPMAC is the real deal. The depth of understanding the instructors have of how the art is applied in real life seems bottomless. I've been attending for 9 months and am still learning how the initial self-defense katas can be applied differently and continuously improved. The psychology of a fight is also taught - how your attitude going into a confrontation significantly influences how the confrontation unfolds and ultimately ends - perhaps even ending without a physical confrontation. They also demonstrate how your mental and physical stance during the fight influence how your opponent will respond, giving you a potential edge by making your opponent do what you want him to do. It is truly amazing and something I've never seen taught at lower belt levels. NPMAC also has a large staff of instructors. As a student you will be exposed to a number of different approaches to learn the curriculum. If you don't relate to one instructor chances are you'll relate to one of the others. All the instructors and senior students are friendly and always looking to help if needed - none of the superior, holier than thou attitude that you might experience at other studios. They are great for kids. After attending for a number of months and watching how they work with kids of all ages I decided to enroll my son. As much as they care about the adults learning and progressing in ability they are even more involved with the development of children and pre-teens. The martial arts curriculum is the same as the adult class, but added in are physical and mental games which keep the kids engaged during the class. They urge the parents to engage with them to identify areas the child may be having challenges outside the studio, then help reinforce and support corrections to those challenges while in class. In summary, this is a one-of-a-kind martial arts experience. If you've ever trained at another studio, you'll find this experience very different in a positive way. If you've never trained at another studio, you should consider yourself very lucky to have chosen this one as your first.

Brian Holloway
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NPMAC is an exceptional martial arts studio. We have been bringing our kids here (5 and 7) for 2 years and we have been amazed at the progress they have made. They teach real-world, real-life scenarios, preparing our boys for whatever may come their way in life. The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable, patent and interested in the improvement of the students. Highly recommended. You will not regret it.

Isabel Snyder
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It doesn't get any better in my humble experience. Not partial Arts but Martial Arts that cultivate body, mind and spirit. My children can't wait to go , and i love it too!

Dr. Holly O.
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I can't say enough good things about NPMAC. The instructors are fantastic. They are positive, patient, fun, and caring. My kids love coming here. It's the only sport they never complain about. I love how the focus is on practical, real-life self-defense. They also emphasis character development and really help your children become good citizens. This school has completely exceeded my expectations.

Jon Krayle
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All of the staff here are absolutely amazing people. The facility itself is clean, professional, and inviting. And the material they teach is second-to-none. I look forward to my next class!

David Glover
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Have you dreamed of being a ninja? This is the place. The instructors at Newbury Park Martial Arts Center are fantastic with both depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and talent. The dojo is a very welcoming, positive and engaging environment. On the surface, the To-Shin Do style of martial arts is practical self-defense. I've learned how to defend against real attacks without any rules that might occur on the street. At a much deeper level, practicing at the dojo been an opportunity for me to learn more about myself and develop practical skills and tools to help me live more powerfully in the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to train here.

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