• Here is a simple way to improve your focus on the ‘hear and now.’ We can be so overwhelmed with all that is going on with our lives that we forget to be in the moment. If we focus too much of our intent onto the past or the future, we fail to utilize the potential of this very moment.

    So sit up with your back straight, close your eyes and settle in. Breath in and out deeply. Focus only on the breath traveling through your nose, into your lungs and out of your mouth. Be aware of how your body feels when your lungs fill with the life-giving fresh air. Observe the centered relaxation as you release of the unneeded gasses from your body. Continue to focus only on your breath. If you mind wanders, acknowledge it and purposely return it to the concentrated task at hand.

    Allowing your self the opportunity to reconnect to your ‘hear & now’ and discover the potential of a concentrated mind will break you from the dullness that an unenlightened life could bring.