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Supported At Home and School

There are so many ways that my kids are using their To-Shin Do Ninja martial art in a positive manner. I love that as part of each belt pre-test, a form is filled out by their school teacher and the parents. This helps reinforce that the village is here to support my children's success and help keep them accountable. I am honored that I found a school that has been using these teaching tools for decades in our community- what a gem Newbury Park Martial Arts Center is!!

Cristina, Mom of two, Newbury Park
To-Shin Do Supports School & Home!

Dream Come True!

Newbury Park Martial Arts Center is a dream come true for our family! In addition to a very special martial art, NPMAC teaches self defense, discipline, confidence building, setting and achieving goals, cultivating respect and kindness, inclusivity and more.

NPMAC has created a wonderful community by providing a fun and supportive learning environment for all ages. I am very impressed with the Dojo space. It is well designed and beautifully appointed.

I highly recommend checking out this Dojo. You will be delighted that you did.

Desiree C., Newbury Park

reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

We love NPMAC! I really appreciate how the instructors take time to talk to and get to know each student, and that we were able to do a trial first before enrolling in classes. I like how the dojo rules and etiquette are taken seriously, but the atmosphere is very kind and family-friendly. I'd recommend this program to everyone!
Tina Manders
Mom of 2 Youth Students-Camarillo, CA

reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

I’m in the high risk group for Covid19 and when the pandemic hit I thought it would be the end of my training, but the team at MPMAC quickly put together an online program and it works well for me. The world has changed and we learn to work with the tools and skills available to us.
Al Franco
Newbury Park

reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
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Thank you for providing outdoor and online Zoom training for our martial arts training. It has been invaluable to continue training online while getting personal feedback for each student in the class. And having the outdoor training has taken it to the next level. We are blessed with the opportunity to have such dedicated Senseis and instructors who are devoted in developing both our mental and physical martial arts practice. It has helped me stay centered and strengthened my role as a father, spouse, and team leader throughout the COVID pandemic.
Cliff Singontiko
Newbury Park

reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
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I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Newbury Park Martial Arts Center's virtual classes! The teachers are so special, it's incredible how much they connect with the students even through a screen. My 5-year-old feels like he knows his instructors, and feels comfortable with them even though they've only met twice in person. He loves attending class on Zoom and I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a way to get their child focused on a very positive set of skills while staying home!
Evann G.
Newbury Park

Law Enforcement reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
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The Newbury Park Martial Arts Center has given me the opportunity to develop more advanced and efficient defensive tactics needed for my job as a law enforcement officer. In my younger years, I was able to overpower aggressors with wrestling maneuvers. I have always had the mindset to handle violent situations but what I was lacking was the “To” in To-Shin-Do. This is the “blade edge” or precise techniques that gives me the advantage in what we do. The Newbury Park Martial Arts Center is giving me exactly that and I am so grateful for their expert instruction. The training they offer falls in line with my agency’s use of force policy. Of all the martial arts training I have acquired over the past 33 years, this is by far the most professional and polished facility.

I am fortunate that my daughter and I can achieve our best and I highly recommend this facility for any law enforcement officer.

Darren Smith
Senior Deputy VCSO

Paul King reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
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5 Stars!

David Dunlap

NPMAC is one of the very best organizations I have ever been associated with. I don't mean the best dojo, or the best school--simply the best group of people assembling for a common purpose. If you are considering taking classes to learn self-defense, to be more physically fit, or to grow as a person, I very strongly recommend a visit to NPMAC. You'll meet respectful, ethical, friendly and fun people who have your best interests at heart.

Nick Rusch

Newbury Park Martial Arts Center (NPMAC) is unlike many martial arts studios in that the curriculum taught is practical, down-to-earth, and easily learned - no flying kicks, or other theatrics, just practical movements to protect you, your friends and family. They make an effort to adapt the teachings to those who may not be as limber as a twenty something. I've seen much older adults participating in classes with the instructors modifying the various katas to take into account their physical limitations while keeping the kata as a viable defense. This is not to say that what is taught is simplistic by any means. What is taught at NPMAC is the real deal. The depth of understanding the instructors have of how the art is applied in real life seems bottomless. I've been attending for 9 months and am still learning how the initial self-defense katas can be applied differently and continuously improved. The psychology of a fight is also taught - how your attitude going into a confrontation significantly influences how the confrontation unfolds and ultimately ends - perhaps even ending without a physical confrontation. They also demonstrate how your mental and physical stance during the fight influence how your opponent will respond, giving you a potential edge by making your opponent do what you want him to do. It is truly amazing and something I've never seen taught at lower belt levels. NPMAC also has a large staff of instructors. As a student you will be exposed to a number of different approaches to learn the curriculum. If you don't relate to one instructor chances are you'll relate to one of the others. All the instructors and senior students are friendly and always looking to help if needed - none of the superior, holier than thou attitude that you might experience at other studios. They are great for kids. After attending for a number of months and watching how they work with kids of all ages I decided to enroll my son. As much as they care about the adults learning and progressing in ability they are even more involved with the development of children and pre-teens. The martial arts curriculum is the same as the adult class, but added in are physical and mental games which keep the kids engaged during the class. They urge the parents to engage with them to identify areas the child may be having challenges outside the studio, then help reinforce and support corrections to those challenges while in class. In summary, this is a one-of-a-kind martial arts experience. If you've ever trained at another studio, you'll find this experience very different in a positive way. If you've never trained at another studio, you should consider yourself very lucky to have chosen this one as your first.

Brian Holloway

NPMAC is an exceptional martial arts studio. We have been bringing our kids here (5 and 7) for 2 years and we have been amazed at the progress they have made. They teach real-world, real-life scenarios, preparing our boys for whatever may come their way in life. The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable, patent and interested in the improvement of the students. Highly recommended. You will not regret it.

Doug D.

I've always believed people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it; and in the case of NPMAC, their purpose has always been giving you the greatest possible probability of handling real world conflicts. At the end of the day, that's what matters most.

Isabel Snyder

It doesn't get any better in my humble experience. Not partial Arts but Martial Arts that cultivate body, mind and spirit. My children can't wait to go , and i love it too!

Dr. Holly O.

I can't say enough good things about NPMAC. The instructors are fantastic. They are positive, patient, fun, and caring. My kids love coming here. It's the only sport they never complain about. I love how the focus is on practical, real-life self-defense. They also emphasis character development and really help your children become good citizens. This school has completely exceeded my expectations.

Jennifer Robinson

My kids have been coming here on & off for a few years - now my 11 year old is working on her 3rd belt! Very clean, professional. LOVE how the teaching focus is on being the Protector - highly recommend this place!

Jon Krayle

All of the staff here are absolutely amazing people. The facility itself is clean, professional, and inviting. And the material they teach is second-to-none. I look forward to my next class!

David Glover

Have you dreamed of being a ninja? This is the place. The instructors at Newbury Park Martial Arts Center are fantastic with both depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and talent. The dojo is a very welcoming, positive and engaging environment. On the surface, the To-Shin Do style of martial arts is practical self-defense. I've learned how to defend against real attacks without any rules that might occur on the street. At a much deeper level, practicing at the dojo been an opportunity for me to learn more about myself and develop practical skills and tools to help me live more powerfully in the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to train here.

Mina Wilcox reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

We strongly recommend this DOJO if you wish that your child becomes a person who is both a good scholarship and martial arts. I am a Japanese mom who has an eight years old boy. He has attended this DOJO since he was four years old. I will tell you why so great this DOJO.

1) Children meet the great masters who are well informed about Bushido (the samurai spirit). Children learn it from them such as Respect, Manners, and Spirit of ”fights for the weak against the strong.".

2) Children practice KATA of defense over and over again. Kata practitioners do not just master basic skills and posture, but also acquire the body movements. So they become to move their body without thinking about it, learned by repeating Kata many times.

3) Dojo is family operated. All staff are friendly and watch over children grow up with a warm heart.

I hope that you understand my English!

Konstantin Kravchenko reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

This place grows on you.
It all starts with simple yet effective techniques all very strategically organized in curriculum. Then you notice this atmosphere when both instructurs and training partners want you to succeed. Then you discover that your instructors have so much more to show you. Then somehow you realize that you are actually working with things like time, energy, intent, focus that our western science regards only as abstracts. And this road keeps going getting more interesting with every turn.
What is in for you? Come and see for yourself - new friends are always welcome :-)

Scott Kandel reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

This place is perfect for improving all sorts of important attributes of little tykes -- regular exercise, focus, discipline, understanding of rules, respect, and the concept and physical underpinnings of self-defense, plus a lot more . . .

Highly recommended!!

Kathy McClure King reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

Love, love, LOVE this place! It's not only great for the kids but for us parents too. A good combination of practical self defense, fitness, meditation and guidance on being the best person you can be. I come out of every class both stronger and calmer. Can't say enough positive things.

Lisa Tate Soury reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

This is a great dojo with wonderful patrons and a caring staff. My kids love their “ninja” classes and I love taking classes knowing each day I become more powerful and confident.

Christy Lyn Leyson reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

I have been attending NPMAC for a few years now and before I started coming here, if someone were to ask me about martial arts I would have thought it was punches and kicks, but after my first visit and private class I found it to be much more than that. Since the very beginning they were teaching me to be confident in myself and how to respect others. They showed me that fighting doesn't always have to be a physical altercation, but can be an internal struggle. I've found out that we are our harshest critics. I'm very grateful to have found this dojo and their teachings. Showing me not only the means to protect myself in life or death situations, but how to react to those situations with a different point of view.

I like the way the course is structured and enjoy the numerous amount of teachers at our disposal, each providing their own twist of knowledge in their experience with the style.

Before my first class I thought I was only going to do private classes, but after meeting the teachers and fellow students I found the environment to be welcoming and we were all there for the same purpose. I find it amazing to see the little ninjas all the way to the seasoned black belts still yearning to learn.

The dojo is a relatively large size having a men's dressing room, women's dressing room, bathroom, ninja lounge and spacious mat area.

If you're looking for a martial arts that has both mental and physical aspects than To-Shin Do at NPMAC is my recommendation for you.

Chris Lenyk reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

A true gem teaching life skills that go well beyond what you expect to find in a martial center. The staff is warm, friendly, and encouraging to all the students. Staff members are visibly present on the mat and in the training area, actively engaged with the students. Students training are smiling and cheering each other throughout the various exercises I witnessed and the environment was overwhelming positive. Training had a unique approach, encouraging the students to use words deterring aggression, and the physical techniques showed flexible responses depending the real-life situation that might arise. The facility is very well maintained and extremely clean. This place is truly unique and unlike any other martial school I've been in.

Ilya Kravchenko reviewed Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

I have been attending NPMAC for many years now. When I first discovered it, I was surprised at how friendly, helpful and down to earth everyone was. After spending enough time studying To-Shin Do, it becomes very clear that these values are weaved into the fabric of the art and are genuine at every level.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Patience during the Holidays

Patience is a virtue-but not always practiced.  Two days ago I was running around Target with limited time to get some gifts for a few people.  I was in a crunch as these had to be sent off overseas the following day-so rushed I certainly was.  I approached the register and found a line with only a couple of people in it-woo hoo – a short line at Target !!!!

I was checking a message on my phone when I heard a grunt from the person in front of me- I looked up and then past the person in front to an elderly woman at the register.  It was easy to see that she was having trouble with her debit card.  The associate was patiently trying to help, unfortunately this only made the lady get more flustered.  The person in front of me actually said out loud “This is ridiculous” and stormed out of line to find another register (I hope it was a long frustrating line that they found-not very evolved of me-but I saw that their reaction only disturbed the lady up front even more).

I moved forward and the lady looked at me and started to offer an apology, I cut her short and told her it was fine-don’t worry I have plenty of time (I didn’t but she didn’t need that added stress)  Normally I would have been frustrated-but when I looked at this lady, I realized it could be my mother or someone else I cared about-how would I want them treated-that thought process calmed me and realized that we sometimes forget that ever so important quality of compassion for others.   Eventually with the help of the team member she was able to get the card  to work (it was a forgotten pin number) She again tried to apologize and I again told it was fine and have a wonderful rest of her day.  She left with a big smile.  The associate thanked me and I said “no, you were the patient one and I saw that you cared a lot about your customer-Thank you!!”

So as we shop online, wait in lines, hustle and bustle, stress ourselves out and anxiously try to find just the right gift for everyone on our ever-growing list, let us remember the best gift is kindness.

Happy Holidays all

Simon Botoshi Clifford